ISH Hutter GmbH
Gewerbegebiet Natzing 13
D-83125 Eggstätt
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Fax: +49.(0)8056.9020 - 20

Profit by our longstanding experience

ISH was founded by me, Peter Hutter, in 1998. Right from the start ISH was successfully involved in the construction of international large-scale projects such as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai, the airport terminal in Bangkok or the hotel project ESO in Chile. All those examples show the confidence placed in us and the quality of the components produced by ISH Hutter GmbH.

My personal career: actually machine building engineer my long standing global experience especially in the fields of project management as well as precision mechanics made it easy for me to start my own business.

Today ISH Hutter GmbH provides extensive productivity in eight business fields (medical engineering, aerospace engineering, packaging industry, semiconductor technology, fluid technology, optics and appliance industry, industrial process measurement and control, cycling and racing). Job order production, assembling and finishing are additional fields of competence.