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HPS – the Hutter Projectmanagement System

The Hutter-Projectmanagement System has been developed based on many analyses of longtime experience to give you high level on safety. Since then HPS fundamentally differs us from many suppliers by a lot of benefits you will appreciate.


Your benefits by HPS

  • Crosslingking of SAP, PPS-One and ISGUS

  • Cocumentation of material charges

  • Short-term processing times

  • Provable product costing analyses by 100 per cent

  • Traceability of each single work step

  • Total job transparency

  • Permanent all step quality control

  • 5-axis milling machines

  • Spinning centres and milling centres

  • Archiving of documents (PP, WZ, etc.)

  • Just in time production / Just in sequence production (master services agreements on demand)